student money management
Manage Money as a Student

3 Tips for Students to Save and Manage Money Better

As a preparation for your future after finishing your degree program, as early as now, you should know how to manage your money well.

Unfortunately, this is one of the issues that most college students are facing. Since they tend to foresee that saving money should be done after they’ve got their college diploma.

Well, you don’t have to wait for that long, when you can start saving now!

In this article, I will give you smart finance-tips that will help you survive adulthood!

1.     Stay away from Student Loans (if it’s avoidable)

“Study now, Pay later”, is the famous quote of a student loan. The benefits lingering behind this tagline attracts students to acquire this.

According to financial advisers, student loans are not recommended for students who still have other options to fund their education; because instead of earning a full income, a percentage of it will be handed to pay for the student loans, which should be added to his savings in preparation for his future.

2.     Earn more, Spend less.

There are some people who love to shop and spend more than they earn, and this is not a good practice for young adults. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and excited during our first payroll.

However, if we end up spending it to unnecessary things, then it’s a high time to be financially-literate and mature in lavishing our money. When you want to buy some things, wait and think about it for 7 days. This is to avoid regrets and clear up your hesitations about purchasing a product.

3.     Create and Plan a Budget

In creating a budget, it becomes easy for you to track how much you’ve spent on that day.

Then, you’ll know what to cut off to lessen your expenses. Although this is difficult to stick with, when you strictly discipline your spending habits, then there’s no excuse for you not to be successful in this.

HAVE SOME FUN, TOO!         We only live once, and it’s important to enjoy our luxury in life but in moderation. Make use of your capabilities to earn more money, have longer periods of overtime, and acquire various and stable sidelines.

Create a smart balance between purchasing what is needed and enjoy life; because not only you’ll be financially secured in the future, but you’re also not drowning in lifetime debts.