Service Advisor

7 Must Have Skills to be a Superstar Service Advisor

Traditionally, retail automotive shops hire experienced service advisors. However, this does not mean that all experienced advisors can bring in higher sales closing percentage and increasing number of loyal clientele.

Aside from dependability, enthusiasm, and humor, a superstar service advisor must know what his role in the company is and how it weighs in the overall business process. Add to that, there are seven basic skills a service advisor must polish to consistently produce happy customers, raise productivity and keep technicians efficient.

The above-average advisor must be able to translate the customer’s concern into technical details in the work order, trust the technician’s recommendations, and explain the proposed resolution to the customer in the simplest way.

Needless to say, without the basic skillset, promoting a good reputation in the community for your dealership will be a real challenge. But mastering these is what makes superstar advisors. Here are some tips from Chris Collins, author of The Irreplaceable Service Manager.

Many aspiring service advisors don’t know where to start or how they will hone their skills. Fortunately, they can improve their skills with workshops and programs just like Canada Service Advisor Training. Pave your way to success by investing on your education.