7 to-dos you should add to your Summer 2019 bucket list!

So winter is going back to where it came from. Time to welcome summer season which stays for a longer period. It’s time to upgrade your summer bucket list and add a bunch of super thrilling and adventurous to-dos in your list. Here are some great ways you can utilize to make the summer of 2019 the most epic summer of your life.

1. Chase Thrills with your best bunch of friends

Cheap thrills with good friends make for an excellent time spent. Plan a day trip to an adventure-themed amusement park and we are promising you that you will never regret it. Roller coaster rides and Ferris wheel rides will give you the perfect vintage summer vibe that you have been craving for so long. The day time adventure in a theme park is a thing that must be done at least once in summer each year. If not amusement parks, look for carnivals, and fairs.

2. Go for a movie with your main gang!

3. Water Balloon Fight

Summer in cities like Karachi is extremely hot. No matter how cool you try to stay, the brutal pangs of hot wind do not leave you no matter what. This summer, fight off the heat in an adventurous style. Throw a water balloon fight party at your place and invite all your friends over.

4. Star Gaze!

Plan a trip to Gorakh Hill Station with your friends if you live in Karachi or a hilly or mountainous area if you don’t. Lie under the sky and have a moment of absolute serenity while watching the stars on the sky. This feeling is beyond my ability to explain, at least once in a lifetime is a must!

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5. Work on your fitness routine

Trying to shed some lbs but failing miserably because of no time? Well, summer is the right time. And this does not only mean taking your sprints off the treadmill but also to get on the natural track under the sunshine. Look for classes near your home and enroll in it to stretch, yoga and shred. Or just go out in your backyard and start with all the stretching, exercising and losing weight to get the perfect fit body. Let your heart pump in a whole new way, make your fitness session filled by bringing some pals along for your summer sweat sesh!

6. Watch the Sunrise with your family or friends!

Treat yourself to a truly necessary difference in landscape and plan an end of the week with family or companions watching the serene sunrise. An absolute necessity do is to get your goods up before first light to watch the dawn over the lake/horizon/trees, contingent upon where you are. With covers, espresso, and companions, we ensure grins all around, in spite of the early hour.

7. Attend all the upcoming fests around the city!

Social celebrations are a portion of our most loved approaches to eating new food, find out about new people, socialize, take loads of fancy pictures and take part in life that is not the same as our own! Look at your city to see when occasions like fairs or fest are going on. If you live in Karachi, attend all the fests that happen and you know there are a number of fests happening in this city all year long.

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