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Can Data Be Recovered From SSD Drives After Formatting or Deleting? – Solved

There are many computer users who tend to use the solid-state drive as their storage device because it has the capacity to store huge amount of data items and fast to perform read and write operation. But, data loss in SSD drive becomes a common problem these days.

It can happen due to virus infection or mishandling the SSD. Once the solid state drive failure occurs, the first question that comes in user’s mind is “can SSD drive be recovered”. Because SSD failure does not allow users to access the files and the partition will also be lost or deleted.

Hence, in this post, we will tell you the process to recover the corrupted or lost SSD drives. Find a quick and reliable solution of your query can data be recovered from SSD drives.

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How Do I Know If My Solid State Drive is Failing?

There are following cases when solid state drive fails to perform and SSD data will be corrupted. So, before going to the solution part of your query can data be recovered from SSD drive? Let’s first take some scenarios which will help you to understand the can SSD drives be recovered issue:

  • S.M.A.R.T Error

S.M.A.R.T is a self-monitoring method which examines the SSD corruption. When the SMART status shows bad error, it means that your solid state drive is going to fail or corrupt. In this situation, you need to create a back up of essential data on another safe location of the system.

  • Bad Blocks Error

When increasing number of files cannot able to read or write, it means that bad blocks error exists. Due to this, solid state drive can be failed or corrupted and encounters an error message “Your PC needs to be repaired”. If you ignore this warning message, your SSD drive will fail sooner or data is also prone to be corrupted.

  • Frequent Data Corruption

If you have stored the files on SSD which is increasingly vulnerable, then you are needed to pay high attention to your solid state drive. It might send a sign of occurring SSD corruption or failure.

  • Slow Running Speed

If you notice that when you try to transfer the files from SSD then it proceeds slowly as compared to usual. Due to slow process, system freezes up while transferring a large file. This is another symptom of SSD failure.

Can Data Be Recovered From SSD Drives? – Best Solution

It is a highly complicated task to recover SSD drives data, especially when TRIM is enabled. Because TRIM allows the operating system to command the solid state drive to release the blocks of data that is no longer needed.

Once, the data has been removed; new data will be overwritten in the free area. That is why it is not possible to recover corrupted SSD drives manually.

Hence, it is always better to opt for reliable third-party software like SysTools SSD Data Recovery Software. It can easily recover lost or shift deleted data like image, documents, multimedia, etc. from SSD and restore them. This software is capable to work on any Windows operating system.

It the final and secured solution of your query can data be recovered from SSD drives. So, by using this utility it is possible.

Steps to Recover Lost Data from SSD Drive

If you want to recover lost or deleted data from a solid state drive with the help of SysTools SSD deleted data recovery software.After knowing the solution of your query can data ve recovered from SSD drives. Let’s understand the steps to recover deleted or formatted data from SSD. Perform the following steps:

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  • Now, choose the partition that you want to recover. It displays all details into the right panel of the software.
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  • In the next step, you can either choose scan option for deleted or corrupted data recovery or formatted scan for formatted data recovery from SSD.
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  • After recovery, you will get the list of all recovered data in the left panel of the tool.
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  1. Now explore the folder and preview recovered files.
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  1. Now, your motive is to save the recovered data items. For this, explore the folders and view entire data items.
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Note: – After performing the all steps listed above you will get a practical result of your your query can data be recovered from SSD drives.


Solid state drive proves as a reliable storage device but you need to be aware of errors. It can easily defect and data saved on it is vulnerable to corruption. So, there are lots of people who asked a question can SSD drives be recovered.

Therefore, in this post, we have discussed a suitable solution, which can easily recover lost or deleted data from SSD without facing any trouble. Finally, your query can data be recovered from SSD drives solved easily.