Local News for Friday 6th July 2018

Isles MP questions PM on trade post-Brexit
Isles SNP MP Angus MacNeil questioned Prime Minister Theresa May this week
on what Brexit would mean for businesses in Na h-Eileanan an Iar trying to access the European markets.
At Prime Minister's Questions this week Mr MacNeil asked the PM for a straight answer on what Brexit would mean for industries such as shellfish producers, saying the UK Government's approach to Brexit was 'delay, dither and duck'.
He said: "Shellfish producers in my constituency are worried about getting their produce to the French market and the Spanish market. Together with those countries and independent Ireland of course, how open does the Prime Minister want and envisage the borders and the trade routes to be after Brexit?"
In response Mrs May gave no indication of what the borders or trade routes would mean for producers in Na h-Eileanan an Iar.
She said: "We are committed to no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland and as frictionless a border with the European Union in the future as possible."

Auction Mart Saved
Lewis and Harris auction mart looks to have been saved from a possibly bleak future.
The auction mart provides a vital service to the islands farming and crofting communities who would have to transport their animals to the mainland for sale should the facility be lost.
The mart faced an uncertain time ahead when one of the key members of the organising committee stood down after many years’ service, and, at the time, a replacement was not forthcoming to take on the important duties of sales co-ordinator and secretary.
Over 40 local crofters and farmers attended an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) to try to find a solution to the issue of the shortage of volunteers on the local organising committee.
As a result of the EGM, a number of new volunteers came forward to help share responsibilities for looking after the running of the mart thus allowing the facility to continue to operate as previously with the first lamb sales due in a few weeks’ time.

Heb Celt Fest and Loganair join forces again
The Hebridean Celtic Festival has again partnered up with Loganair for a travel offer, with the airline due to bring many visitors to the festival by offering 20% off return flights to Stornoway between the 16th – 24th July
Loganair has also sponsored the travel of the popular five-piece-band, Blazin’ Fiddles.
The commercial director of Loganair, Kay Ryan said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be playing our part in what has become a world-class event in the Outer Hebrides. “The Outer Hebrides are a popular region in our network, we’re also a major advocate for arts and cultural events which bring visitors from far and wide.”
Festival director - Caroline Maclennan said: “Loganair is one of the festival’s longest-standing and loyal supporters and we are delighted they are continuing their very welcome assistance this year.
“As a community event run almost entirely by volunteers, Heb Celt depends on this kind of generosity from local partners who understand the festival’s cultural and economic importance.”
The heb celt fest is to be held in Stornoway 18th-21st July with this year’s headliners including The Fraellies and Deacon Blue with local acts such as Iain Morrison, Josie, Micha & Ceitlin and Colin MacLeod also making appearances.