Local News for Monday 5th September 2016

Police news
Two men have been charged with assault after a fight in Stornoway at 1am on Sunday. Police were called to licensed premises in the town centre and arrested the two men, aged 25 and 19. They’ve both been charged with assault and will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

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Local News for Thursday 15th September 2016

Wind power expansion
Lewis Wind Power (LWP), has bought the Uisenis Wind Farm project, on the Eishken estate owned by Nick Oppenheim, complete with planning consent for 45 new turbines. LWP already owns the Stornoway Wind Farm project north of Uisenis with consent for 36 turbines. Between them the two consented projects should enter into the next UK Government auction round for low carbon electricity. Success would unlock the economic potential of Western Isles wind power.The local community will benefit as Comhairle nan Eilean Siar has an option to  partner with LWP to buy  a share in the Uisenis wind farm. There’s also a community benefit fund which will receive a proportion of the revenue and the developments will also bring jobs and wider economic benefits. Cllr Angus Campbell, Leader of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, said: “The acquisition of Uisenis Wind Farm by Lewis Wind Power presents a fantastic opportunity to see this wind farm constructed and deliver significant benefits both to the local community and the Western Isles as a whole. This is welcome news that can only strengthen the case for the construction of the interconnector. “

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Local News for Thursday 25th August 2016

Rig finds safe anchorage in Broad Bay
The damaged oil rig Transocean Winner reached safe anchorage in Broad Bay at last yesterday afternoon, much later than anticipated, but without major concerns. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency said the rig was secure on her anchors and that rig owners Transocean intend to carry out further work to assess its condition before deciding on next moves. During the moves slow progress on the 54 miles between Dalmore and Broad Bay, verification aircraft flew over the route and said that no pollution was detected in Broad Bay or along the track from Dalmore Bay. A small leakage of diesel described yesterday as ‘a light sheen’ was broken up by counter-pollution boats.
While salvors check the sea bed for debris or damage, the temporary exclusion zone remains in place at Dalmore Bay. There is now also a 1000m exclusion zone at Broad Bay. Hugh Shaw, the Secretary of State’s Representative for Maritime Salvation and Intervention said: “The tow has taken longer than anticipated. We have been clear from the outset that we would not compromise the operation in any way so I am delighted that the 54 mile transit has been successfully completed without incident.”

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Local News for Wednesday 24th August 2016

Rig movement goes to plan
The movement of the oil rig Transocean Winner from Dalmore looked set to be completed according to plan yesterday evening, as four tugs worked together to bring the rig round the Butt of Lewis and down to Broad Bay. The Union Bear, Union Princess, Forth Drummer and Forth Warrior were all alongside the rig as she rounded the Butt yesterday afternoon. A fifth tug, ER Vittoria, waited in position in Broad Bay to begin the process of anchoring the rig, while the original towing vessel Alp Forward stood by in Stornoway harbour during the operation.

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Local News for Tuesday 23rd August 2016

CalMac will ‘transform experience’
Ferry operator Caledonian MacBrayne are promising to ‘transform the experience’ of ferry travellers, after concluding the contract process for Clyde and Hebridean ferry services. The company has signed formal contracts with Transport Scotland and Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL) to operate ferries and harbours on the west coast of Scotland.In May CalMac was announced by Transport Scotland as the successful bidder and it also won a separate, but linked contract to deliver harbour operations at 24 ports on behalf of CMAL. Managing Director Martin Dorchester said: "Now that the contracts have been signed we can start to share information with staff and customers about our ambitious plans to transform the experience of ferry travellers during the lifetime of the contract."

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