Local News for Wednesday 18th April 2018

Lifeboat rescues Shiants ‘castaway’
A woman who wanted to be an island wilderness castaway had to be rescued by Stornoway lifeboat on Monday, after coming down to earth with a bump. The 32-year-old had been taken out to the Shiant islands by boat, but had slipped and fallen less than two weeks into her planned 40 days of isolation, and called Coastguards on Monday morning at 9.20am, explaining that a headache had continued for several days after her fall. Stornoway Coastguard took advice and were told medical evacuation was necessary, so the RNLI Tom Sanderson was launched from Stornoway and brought the woman back to Stornoway Harbour, from where a Coastguard volunteer team supervised her transfer to Western Isles Hospital.

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Local News for Tuesday 17th April 2018

Tesco’s basket amnesty
Tesco’s Stornoway store has declared an amnesty for the return of their shopping baskets, but will be unable to provide baskets for customers until some are returned. The store said they are losing an average of 15 baskets a week to theft, and have to wait six weeks for the replacements they have ordered to arrive. The store put out a statement which said: “We are very sorry to say that we are unable to provide our customers with shopping baskets due to them being taken from the store. If anyone has a basket, can you please return them to the store. No questions asked on return! Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused for our customers.”

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Local News for Monday 16th April 2018

Beach squads clean up
Many hands made light work of beach cleans around the islands at the weekend, with over 600kg of rubbish collected from island beaches. Clean Coast Outer Hebrides co-ordinated a week of action last week, but is now urging people to keep up their efforts through the summer. Notable collections at the weekend included 26kg taken off Barra beaches, a kayak load of rubbish picked up from Rhenigadale and two German kite-surfers who were roped into the effort at Barvas. Clean Coast Outer Hebrides said: “In less than a week, we've connected with people on Harris, the Uists and Barra and collected over half a ton of rubbish. The campaign doesn't stop today, we'll be organising more beach cleans, and can help support any existing community beach cleans. Get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Local News for Friday 13th April 2018

Free delivery claims must include islands
The Committee of Advertising Practice yesterday told online and mail order companies that they could not claim ‘free UK delivery’ unless the offer applied to everyone, including the Scottish islands. Yesterday’s enforcement notice applies to advertisers across the UK and says that online and distance sellers must comply by 31st May. They promise that their compliance team will take enforcement action from that date onwards. The CAP’s announcement said: “Consumers in some parts of the UK, particularly Scotland and Northern Ireland, are often subject to additional charges to have goods delivered. We are aware that some online retailers are not making these surcharges clear and upfront. We have seen misleading ‘UK delivery’ claims when the charge or service stated does not apply across the UK. It is reasonable for consumers to expect a definitive claim to apply to them wherever they live, including Northern Ireland and the Scottish Isles. If there are delivery restrictions or exclusions, these need to be made clear from the outset.”

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Local News for Thursday 12th April 2018

Isles FM gets Bags of Help from Tesco
Isles FM has been awarded bags of help from Tesco, after loyal listeners supported us in the first community vote of the year. The Bags of Help scheme takes money raised through the plastic bag tax and allocates it to a local organisation, with the selected winner decided by shoppers placing tokens in a voting box in-store. Isles FM were one of three candidates in the January and February vote in-store at Tesco’s Stornoway branch. We’ve been awarded £4000 of much-needed money thanks to public support, and we’d like to thank all our devoted listeners for putting their tokens our way.

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