3 Smart Instagram Ideas You Must Implement as a Web Designer

Instagram for web designers is not building an eye-catching feed to invite likes and comments from casual friends. You should use the photo-sharing platform to market your web design brand.

The word marketing may make you pucker your brows, but you need to promote your web design service to connect with other designers, both blossoming and seasoned professionals to grow your business. Today, when there is stiff competition out there, leverage the power of Instagram with your online design portfolio and tools to display your creative design to your potential clients.

According to an article published on, you must promote your business and Instagram simultaneously, building a live social wall during an event or shared in your office. Here are three smart Instagram hacks to boost your online presence as a web designer.

1. Team up with other web designers

When it comes to any profession, it is about give and take. The same rule holds true in the web design world. Say, for instance, you design stellar website menus, but not so great at designing logos, you can team up with another designer who has outstanding logo designing skills and you can teach him how to design alluring web page menus. It is all about complementing each other’s skill sets.

On various events, I’ve seen application ideas presented on Dribble that have been exceptionally adulated by analysts yet sadly will apparently never materialize. Why? Well, the creator’s reason is generally that they don’t know anyone that would manufacture it. With engineers, it’s regularly the situation that they don’t know anyone that would plan it.

In the event that you’re blameworthy of coming up with such reasons, at that point you’ll realize this isn’t altogether valid. There’s a lot of originators and designers out there that you could contract to carry out the responsibility. The genuine issue isn’t having the assets to do as such, which implies discovering somebody who will do these things for nothing.

Look for popular Instagram profiles of web designers and artists. Make your best effort to feature on these profiles. All you need to do is including the accounts’ relevant hashtags in your post so that other designers notice you. Big brands work on this strategy, so you can too. It will give your profile the required exposure and help you gain more Instagram followers than ever.

2.Leverage Instagram TV

Do you want to pamper your fans with stories? If yes, you should leverage Instagram’s new, standalone video-based app. Yes, we are talking about Instagram’s IGTV through which you can share stunning videos to pamper your fans. You do not require the skills of a motion graphics expert to use the app.

The videos are vertical, implying that you can create stellar videos using your smartphone. It is the best chance to show your creative side and therefore, make the most out of this opportunity.

We should acknowledge the clear issues: there has been an emotional move towards video content on social stages. Instagram is no special case. Since Instagram propelled Stories in 2016, they have had the capacity to take a shockingly expansive part of Snapchat’s group of onlookers.

Furthermore, with the achievement of Stories, it’s nothing unexpected that vertical video has ascended in prominence. Instagram is wanting to work off that achievement much further with their new(ish) video stage, Instagram TV (propelled in June of this current year).

Instagram TV is a long-structure video stage that was made to draw in clients from different stages like YouTube. Much the same as YouTube, there is an accentuation on makers, alluring substance and returning watchers.

While both Instagram Stories and Instagram TV incorporate vertical video, there is a noteworthy contrast between the two: Stories vanish following 24 hours while content on Instagram TV lives inside your profile.

All in all, how does your business profit by utilizing this stage? The fast answer is that you acquire brand acknowledgment from a potential new group of onlookers, however, there is substantially more to it than that. We should take a gander at a couple of ways your business could profit by utilizing Instagram TV and how you can make content for it.

You can create videos like your life as a designer, DIY design tips, client reviews about your designs, and things like that. You can create a series video on a web design topic of your choice.

3. Create compelling stories

When you are in web designing, you have a creative mind, think out-the-box, and therefore, creating and sharing stories is more fun than ever. These stories will help you share your unique, eye-catching content with your fans and followers.

It is your chance to tell your potential clients about the real designer behind the screen. The best way to do it is by giving your fans a sneak peek of the behind-the-scenes shots of your web design process. Keep your audience hooked with Instagram’s tools, surveys, hashtags, and CTAs.


Now that you have these smart tips handy, boost your web design portfolio leveraging Instagram features and tools.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.