Instagram Marketing

3 Super Easy Ways to Boost Your Sales through Instagram

Instagram, the photo-sharing social platform is one of the extensively used sites to take your business to the next level. If you glance through the platform, you will know that even the top brands have Instagram profiles.

It is a one-off visual content platform offering big to small brands multiple opportunities to improve online visibility, communicate with buyers, and boost sales.

According to an article published on, visitors follow companies and brands on Instagram. Approximately 200 million Instagram users visit a business page daily, according to industry experts and social media enthusiasts.

Therefore, it is likely that you would like to enhance your brand visibility and improve sales through this photo-sharing platform. Here are three easy ways to do so:

1. Focus on Instagram ads

Paid ads on the photo-sharing platform will drive audience engagement. It is sensible business expenditure if your company is new and you want to target a niche audience. Plan your ad’s visual content and copy in a way to reach out to those buyers who are likely to use your products.

You can study what your competitors do and take ideas to implement those in your business. If you are a fashion brand, you can design paid Instagram ads to target women in the age bracket of 25-35 years. When other brands can do it, you too can.

For example, you can use high-definition lifestyle images with subtle colors and a Buy Now button in the ad, taking potential shoppers to your product page on your fashion website. This way, you can improve user engagement to drive sales. It will also help you earn Like4Like and increase fan following on Instagram.

2. Post nothing but persuasive images

Instagram is a photo-sharing site and therefore, you must post nothing but high-definition images. Post appealing and creative photos, and highlight your merchandise through the images. For example, if you have a food business, post bright and playful photos like Dominos.

Ensure that the photos you post match your brand’s theme to evoke an authentic feeling related to your brand. If you like posting smooth and minimalistic photos, do so. Focus on aesthetics and compelling Instagram captions. Keep all images consistent. Maintain your brand color. Create custom images using Canva to highlight discounts, contests, and giveaways.

3. Display your products in action

To create the maximum impact of your Instagram visual content, display the experience of using your merchandise. Tell an interesting story through your Instagram product photos or videos to drive increased engagement. For example, if you are into the restaurant business, post visuals of food along with the ingredients used to prepare the dish.

On the contrary, if you sell garments, post photos of men and women wearing your clothes in different situations or contexts. Include a persuasive tagline that describes the experience of wearing your brand’s garments. Highlight the texture of the fabric used in the photos. Hire a professional photographer to show your products in action.


Consider these easy tips and implement them to drive sales through Instagram photos and videos. You’ll be surprised by the results.